2020 Greely Football Registration Form

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2020 Greely Football Registration Form

Registration Open May 1st Grades K thru 8th !
Early registration is important to determine the number of teams, coaches and equipment needed.


• I/We, the parents and/or Guardian of the above named candidate for the position on a Cumberland/North Yarmouth Football Team hereby give my/our approval to participate in any/all team and league activities.

• I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from activities; and I/we do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Greely Football Boosters, the program, the league, members, officers, sponsors, participants, and any persons transporting my/our child to and from activities; for any claim arising out of an injury to my/our child, whether the result of negligence or from any other cause, except to the extent and in the amount covered by accident and liability insurance.

• I/We understand that the insurance carried by this club covers only the amount not paid by my/our carrier. In the event of illness or injury,

• I/We give my/our permission to seek any emergency medical treatment when necessary.

• I/We agree to return upon request the uniform, helmet and other equipment issued to my/our child in as good as condition as when issued except for normal wear and tear.

• I/We agree to not interfere with the coach, coaching staff or players during a game unless there is a concern of imminent danger to the safety of my/our child.

• I/We give my/our permission for the Greely Football Boosters to use my/our child’s photo and/or name on various marketing media to promote the program.

• I/We agree to inform the program and the coach directly of any conditions that limit my/our child’s ability to play football.

• I/We agree to volunteer at least 3/6 hours to the program. (See Volunteer page).

Please check below if you understand the above and authorize your child to play football.

Volunteers Needed!

Football in Cumberland/North Yarmouth relies heavily on volunteers. We ask that the parents of each child volunteer at least 3 hours in the areas below.

Summer Camp

Check if you will be attending the FREE July Football Camp (This is for both flag and tackle – no equipment needed).

Cost and Equipment Rentals

Registration cost includes helmet and jersey for Junior, Senior, and GMS tackle players. Flag players receive flag belt, flags and team shirt. GHS players please refer to the Falmouth Football Program. Parents should review the equipment page for a list of additional equipment.

Flag K-1 ($50)
Flag 2-3 ($75)
Flag 4-6 ($100)
Junior 3-4 ($145)
Senior 5-6 ($170)
GMS 7-8 ($225)

Select the player’s squad below. We offer a $25 discount on cost for every sibling after the first. Flag players are not included in the multi-player discount. (See Finalize Payment Section Below)

This year we are also collecting donations during registration. It takes a lot to run a program, so any help is greatly appreciated. If you donate now, feel free to skip the Fall fundraiser.

How to Finalize Payment

If you are registering one player use SUBMIT Button.

* If you are registering two or more tackle use the SUBMIT & ANOTHER FORM Button. This consolidates payment and applies at $25 discount.

Teampages will include a small processing fee with your payment.

If you require a Scholarship to play, please contact the President for more information. (president@greelyfootball.org)

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