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Posted by Cumberland Football Boosters, LLC at Nov 7, 2020 5:51AM PST

Football Families,

Never in a million years did anyone expect a season like this. Prior to COVID the board thought our main focus this year would be on bringing high school football back to Greely and recruiting for our youth feeder programs to support that. Instead we entered a roller coaster ride and the focus quickly shifted to just surviving. I’d like to thank the board for all their work this year with making the hard choices and doubling up on or board meetings as information was coming in fast and our direction changing daily. I’d also like to thank the parents for their flexibility and understanding and the kids for their enthusiasm and commitment to football.

The final numbers are not in yet, but we will survive this financially. However, I am very concerned about the future of football if we do not have more participation, not only from registrations, but parent involvement. Our registration numbers were down nearly 50% this year and that includes both flag and tackle. Even if you ignore this season, our numbers have been reducing 10% every year over the last 4 years. This year the junior team (3-4) season ended early due to no coach and lack of kids. If we are unable to change this, I worry that high school may never come back to Greely and the entire program will eventually dissolve.

Participation also includes parent involvement. We can not have the same small group of parents carry the program every year. A number of board members have kids in high school or will be in high school next year, and they will be terming out. That will leave a huge whole in the program. The effects of which we will begin to see this coming year.

I ask all parents with young kids interested in football to step up and join the board. The commitment is minimal. A board meeting a month for 11 months and a few extra hours during the season. We also need coaches especially at the younger levels, both flag and tackle.

February we have our annual meeting where new board members are elected. Communication of this meeting will happen in January, but if you are interested now, please email us at and we can add you to our board communications.

One final announcement. We will be doing a fundraiser this November called GotSneakers, a shoe drive. Details will follow from our fundraising director, Mike Bianchi

Everyone have a safe holiday and we hope to see you next season.



Football Families:

The school is going assist in raising some funds for all sports programs this year due to COVID. You can register at

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Posted by Senior 5-6 at Sep 23, 2020 7:38AM PDT

Football Families:

Due to the modified season, we will be issuing a $70 refund to all that paid $170 for senior tackle by this Saturday. As you can imagine our program has been hit pretty hard with covid and a declining interest in football. No pressure, but let me know by Friday if you would rather donate your refund to the program. If I do not hear from you, a refund will be made on Saturday. Thank you for your support and keep positive.

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Senior 2020 Season Update

Posted by Senior 5-6 at Sep 22, 2020 3:25AM PDT

Dear football families,

On Wednesday of last week, the MSL (Maine Sportsman League) met to discuss their plans for a season. The Greely Senior team participates in this league. The members of the board decided not to decide on tackle football. As a result, the Greely Board held a vote Monday night to decide on whether to move forward and allow the team to partake in tackle games with other towns independent of the MSL. The vote was 8 to 3 against.

Given the MSLs position and the State of Maine guidelines on community sports published on September 1st (Updated 9/10) the general consensus felt that moving forward with tackle games against other towns would open the program up to a public relations risk if either an outbreak where to occur, or someone reported the program. The board felt that this risk was significant enough that it could damage how football is perceived in the community and in the state for that matter.

This was a vote on tackle games against other towns, not a vote to cancel the season. Practices will continue, as planned. Although the season is not what any of us wanted for our players at any level of football, it is our responsibility as board members, coaches and parents to provide a fun football experience for these kids who are so valuable to the future of football at Greely. The coaches will provide further details on what the rest of the season looks like. The board will be coming up with a refund plan due to the now limited season. More to follow.

The Board

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Posted by Cumberland Football Boosters, LLC at Sep 4, 2020 2:53AM PDT

Football Families,

It comes with great regret that we are not able have a Junior (3-4) tackle team this year. Due to low numbers, no coach and COVID, we are unable to proceed. We can however offer a flag option. Matt Soule our flag director is able to accept anyone who is willing to play. So your options are:

1. A full refund
2. Our flag program and a partial refund.
3. A donation to the program. (As you can imagine the program is going to take a hit this year in registrations and fundraising. No pressure, but wanted to put it out there)

Please email with your decision by 9/10/2020, otherwise you will default to option 1.