Senior 2020 Season Update

Posted by Senior 5-6 on Sep 22 2020 at 03:25AM PDT

Dear football families,

On Wednesday of last week, the MSL (Maine Sportsman League) met to discuss their plans for a season. The Greely Senior team participates in this league. The members of the board decided not to decide on tackle football. As a result, the Greely Board held a vote Monday night to decide on whether to move forward and allow the team to partake in tackle games with other towns independent of the MSL. The vote was 8 to 3 against.

Given the MSLs position and the State of Maine guidelines on community sports published on September 1st (Updated 9/10) the general consensus felt that moving forward with tackle games against other towns would open the program up to a public relations risk if either an outbreak where to occur, or someone reported the program. The board felt that this risk was significant enough that it could damage how football is perceived in the community and in the state for that matter.

This was a vote on tackle games against other towns, not a vote to cancel the season. Practices will continue, as planned. Although the season is not what any of us wanted for our players at any level of football, it is our responsibility as board members, coaches and parents to provide a fun football experience for these kids who are so valuable to the future of football at Greely. The coaches will provide further details on what the rest of the season looks like. The board will be coming up with a refund plan due to the now limited season. More to follow.

The Board