Snap! Raise 2023 Fundraiser


We’re kicking off our fundraiser with Snap! Raise, the nation’s leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs and teams. For the past seven years, Snap! Raise has helped more than 35,000 groups in the U.S. raise more than $400M in funding! We ask that you help identify at least 20 people your child will reach out to via Snap! Raise, and gather their email address prior to launching our campaign on 8/24/23. The list of 20 people should include many of your child’s biggest fans and needs to be completed in full ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is my hope and expectation that each team member will have a major impact on our program.



Here are the next steps:
  • Help your child select at least 20 potential supporters
  • Keep the list of emails someplace electronic and handy – it will make entering them in before our campaign launches much easier. NOT ON PAPER
  • Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your child, or strangers.

*Important* Your child will receive an invitation from Snap! Raise to sign up for the campaign and enter in the 20+ email addresses a few days prior to launching the campaign. Please be sure your child completes their profile and adds a photo of themselves. There should be only 1 account per child.

Here are some examples of people you should consider adding:

  • Parent(s)/Guardian # 1 • Parent(s)/Guardian #2
  • Grandma • Grandpa • Cousin(s) • Uncle(s) • Aunt(s)
  • Family doctor • Orthodontist/dentist
  • Church/Social leader • Scout/troop leader
  • Family friend #1 • Family friend #2
  • Former coach • School alumni • Local business that know you
  • Neighbor(s) • Parent co-workers(s) • Friend of parent • Adult sibling(s)

Say hello to incentives....

Become a top earner today.

By sending emails to friends and family, you can secure the opportunity to promote your program with high-quality, spirit wear.

Greely Football is back and it needs our community's help more than ever. The Greely Football Boosters (all volunteers) in responsible for 95% of all expenses to run our football program from K-12. Our budget needs to cover things like New Helmets, Reconditioning Old Helmets (yearly), Practice Equipment, Uniforms, Insurances, League Registrations, Software/Licensing Fees, All Operational Cost, Marketing, Snack Shack Operations, Refs, Fire Rescue/Police (GMS & GHS), etc, etc. These expenses add up anywhere from $50K - $70K per year and our player registrations only cover 25% of our total expenses and we do not want to continue to raise registration fees.

We Appreciate Your Donation!

  1. SQUARE - Click the button above to donate via our secure Square account
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  3. CHECK - Payable to "Greely Football Boosters" - Mail Checks to: PO BOX #34 Cumberland, ME 04021