Greely Middle School Football (Grades 7-8)

2023 Season will be 8-man football. There are two levels of play dependent on the number of players and their abilities; an A-Squad (mostly 8th graders and more advanced 7th graders) and a B-Squad (for 7th graders and newer 8th graders) practice together. New players are highly encouraged to join us.

This tackle football program focuses on fundamentals, conditioning, safety, and team concepts with more advanced concepts as the season progresses. This program prepares athletes for high school football.  The A-level is highly competitive with Playoffs and a Championship game. There are normally 8 regular season games on Saturdays/Sundays and practices are 4 times a week.
Players are supplied Helmets and Game Jerseys but will need to obtain the other equipment.

Players are required to signup with the school in addition to TeamSnap. Normally the $75 athletic fee paid to the school is waived. This is subject to change. The school also requires all physical exam records and contact information on file. For more information, see the GMS Athletic Department.

This form will need your primary care Doctor's signature before participating in any on field activities: Greely Athletics Yellow Card - Medical Examination Card (2022 Version).


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