Parent Involvement and Volunteerism in the Greely Football Program

It takes Volunteers to make our program a success. There are many levels where support is needed, from the helping with carrying the chains and down markers at the games to being on the Board of Directors.

Parents are required to provide a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer support throughout the season for each child they have participating in the program.

Volunteers are needed to help with the many responsibilities necessary to ensure a successful season.


Game Day Volunteers

  • Snack Shack: Handle the purchase of food and drinks within the snack shack and grill burgers and hot dogs. 2 adults per game for W.Cumberland games and 5 adults for HS games.
  • Game Announcer: Individual to announce the game plays and various halftime events.
  • Game Clock: Run the clock and assist announcer to track the players numbers and names.
  • Game Chains: Need 3 adults per game to work the chains and down markers on the sidelines during the game. Great way to get up close to the game!
  • Field Prep: Individual to help mark the field with the sideline markers and clean up after game.
  • Game Ticket Sales (HS Only): Gate collection admissions table and 50/50 raffle sales.
  • Please use this link to signup for game day positions: West Cumberland Games

Team Coaches


Team Parent

  • Help with administration of team events
  • Help with Snack Shack volunteer coordination for your team
  • Help with set up players award night event


Volunteering for Fundraiser Events

  • Fall Fundraiser: Join the committee to organize a fall fundraiser for the kids.
  • Football Program Ad: adults that are willing to contact past businesses that have bought advertising block in the Football Program. We also look to new businesses and Football Families that would like to have a message instead of an advertisement.
  • Youth Halloween Bowl: adults and children willing to support two day of multi team playing event at the W Cumberland Field, parking, field set up/take down, chains and markers, announcements, score board, snack shack, BBQ and 50/50 Raffle sales.

Join the Board

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • High School Representative
  • Middle School Representative
  • Youth Representative
  • Flag Director
  • Representative at Large
  • Fundraiser Chairman
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Website Director (Non-voting appointed by Board)
  • Safety Officer (Non-voting appointed by Board)
  • Equipment Coordinator (Non-voting appointed by Board)