Players Safety

Our Youth Football Program is committed to Player Safety. As a member of the USA Heads Up Football, we utilize the Heads Up Football Website for our Safety Training and othe Coach's Training.  It is mandatory for all Greely Football Booster's Youth Head Coaches complete the Heads Up Football Level 1 Training and Concussion Training paid for by the Booster.  We have appointed a Safety Coach that will attend the Heads Up Football Safety Clinic and then bring back this training to our Coaches.  Please click on the Heads Up Football links for Safety and more Football related information.


Code of Ethics

All high school players sign and must adhere to the Greely School Dept. Code of Ethics. This binds each player to academic and ethical standards that will be enforced by all coaches and booster members.


Concussion Education

Study commissioned by USA Football, the sport's national governing body. It shows that 90% of nearly 4,000 players in a 2-year study sustained no injuries resulting in missed practices or games & that "coach & player education, including proper tackling, limited contact drills & injury recognition, including identifying concussions, should be mandatory in football."

Concussion Assessment and Action Plan - Coaches are asked to review and print this document provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Provided in PDF format, this Fact Sheet for Coaches provides important information on concussion, its symptoms, prevention, and an action plan should they think a player has a concussion. Parents can use this tool also if they suspect an injury.

CDC Fact Sheet for Parents - A guide for parents to review Concussion Fact Sheet


Injury Prevention Information

Helmet Reconditioning Video - A guide to keeping your athlete's most important piece of equipment in top-notch condition.

Weather Conditions  - It is the policy to suspend play in the event of thunder or lightning, for a period of at least 30 minutes. If thunder is heard or lightning displayed, play will be discontinued immediately, until game officials and/or coaches deem conditions safe.

Parents of young athletes are key to safe football. They should be well-informed about specific injury prevention measures, including safer blocking & tackling techniques (Levels of Contact Video) that do not use the head. In addition, parents should report all injuries to their childs coach.

It is important every player bring a water bottle to practice and games, especially in the start of the season when temperature hig and the sun is strong at playing times.