Tackle Football (Grades 3-4)

This is the first introduction to tackle football (3rd and 4th grade players). New Players are always welcome. The Greely football boosters recommend that second graders play in our flag program, however if you choose to have your second grader play on our 2-3 tackle team, they are permitted per the Maine Sportsman League. The coaches focus on the fundamentals of football, safety, and ensuring the players have fun. Players wear full football pads (cool!) and will need to obtain their own equipment. Helmets are provided for added safety. There are normally 8 regular season games on Saturdays (Maine Sportsman League) and practices are 2-3 evenings a week.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is dependent on having a minimum of 20 players registered before the beginning of the season. If there are not enough registered players, this program may be combined with another local program.


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